replica bags Offroad delight: Triumph Scrambler 1200 reviewedGeoff is amazed what fun you can have riding a Bonnie on the rough stuffI speak after a day in the dirt on the new Triumph Scrambler 1200. And, although it may just look like a Bonneville with a higher exhaust, a major revamp means that thanks to low seat height, perfect balance and clever control of the ABS and traction control in off road riding mode, it’s more capable and fun in the dirt than many adventure bikes and a blast on the road as well.And I also speak as an off road idiot who normally goes weak at the knees at the sight of anything more than fire tracks, and tries frantically to think of anything to get out of it. Even a trip to the dentist.Can’t think what I was worried about.I had had my doubts, mind you looking at the bike, I wondered just who its target audience would be.I mean who actually rides a Bonnie and goes off road?They will now, that’s for sure.And so off on an extended jaunt through dirt, gravel, sand, mud and water, and even coming out of muddy water crossings with the tyres clogged and little grip, the back end just shimmied a little before the mud flung itself off with gay abandon. replica bags

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