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Literally a bunch of silvers and golds hardstucks that have no idea how to counter riven crying and asking for nerfs because they dont want to learn how to outplay her. Just look at their opgg. No one in diamond+ cries about riven and her banrate is extremely small.

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cheap designer bags replica Your heavy deflect is not guaranteed, either, so work on your light deflect until you are comfortable with deflecting in general.Hero tactics is really useful for this, they will tell you your timing mistakes. You’ll realize how big the window is for top deflects, too.You may be able to buffer your light input, but I’m not 100% sure.Incendas1:Valkyrie: Sweep and Stab :Centurion: 3 points submitted 8 days agoDon really agree with a lot of this the main issue I have is that her two main mixups are ineffective. Shield crush (even more so now with bash nerfs) being difficult to punish because of the timing issue, sweep itself being reactable and risky cheap designer bags replica.