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canada goose uk shop Get the biggest Everton FC stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersDeeney says heckling at the Blues manager will “only motivate” the players at Vicarage Road on Saturday as Silva returns from the first time since being sacked.Speaking at a fans’ forum event, chief executive Scott Duxbury also revealed he plans on snubbing Silva at the game following an acrimonious split last January when the Portuguese coach was sacked.Get your ticket to our first Royal Blue Live event by clicking HERE Deeney was asked at The Hornets’ Nest event last night, which club impressed him in terms of “facilities and access” and the Watford skipper replied: “The people who work at Everton are fantastic. Not the manager”The 30 year old was then asked if the squad understood the “importance of Saturday to the supporters” and he said: “We’d prefer it if you left him alone. It’ll only motivate them more. canada goose uk shop

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